Sonir invites you to join a special group saves the year and fulfills its jewellery goals and exciting prizes.

How it works

  • An investment of ₹5000/month to be done for 12 months to register 1 token, starting January 1 - 2024.

  • Every month (Jan - Nov), a lucky draw decides the winning token, that wins jewellery up to ₹55000.

  • The winner can purchase jewellery worth ₹60000 (12*5000) and pays no further installments.

  • Chance to Win a ₹2000 silver jewellery voucher every month. 

Terms & Conditions

*Total token count in a group is 60.

*Each member must pay ₹5000 within the first 10 days of every month (Jan-Dec 2024) to book a token, failing which their token won't be included in the draw.

*If  a member Wishes to invest more and have more chances to win, they can book multiple tokens, although no 2 token can be clubbed in case of win.

*Lucky token will be drawn on 15th of every month to decide the winner

*The winner pays no further installments, and is liable to purchase diamond/gold jewellery or solitaires worth ₹60000.

*The remaining 49 participants can purchase jewellery worth ₹60000 in Dec 2023 after paying their 12th installment.

*The gold price will be booked on the day of purchase.

*Cash/gold coins/guineas not to be given under any circumstances.

*Deposit amount is not refundable, if the scheme is left midway or installments of more than 3 consecutive months are unpaid.

*An extra token each month through lucky draw of remaining tokens, will win a ₹2000 silver jewellery voucher

*Payments accepted in Cash/Card/ Wallets/NEFT.