Adarsh Khandelwal 

Adarsh is a business graduate from Delhi University(2010). After graduating, he joined his uncle at Bharat Alankar Bhandar(Est. 1950), a family wholesale fine jewellery business based in, Kucha Mahajani, Chandni Chowk, Delhi, where he took apprenticeship training from seasoned colleagues and family in silver and gold jewellery. 

He moved on to take over the diamond jewellery wing at the store, taking intensive training in:-

  • Diamond grading and identification from DGL, Delhi, and Arihant Diamond Institute(A+++) in Surat, Gujarat
  • Jewellery Design(Manual) from International Gemological Institute(IGI)

Starting from trading in loose diamonds and solitaires in 2013, he started designing, curating and manufacturing studded jewellery by 2014.

In September 2017, Sonir, Adarsh’s dream project, came to life in the form of a boutique store for selected clients and also, a B2B store for wholesale and export clients.

Having an avid interest in all forms of literature and art, primarily music and cinema, offers Adarsh a lot of muses to create beautiful jewellery for a global audience.

With a rich 13+ year experience in B2B and B2C of fine jewellery, personally dealing with 3000+ customers, Adarsh is poised to provide solutions and add value in the global market.