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Every Sonir jewellery piece is duly hallmarked to ascertain the purity of gold.

The hallmark engraving includes the following symbols:

This stands for Bureau of Indian Standards, the statutory body under central government of India that regulates gold and other metal hallmarking.

Fineness/Purity of Metal
This indicates the gold purity percentage of the article. The 2 major hallmarks used for diamond jewellery are indicated as follows:-
14K 585- Refers to 14 Karat Gold having minimum fineness of 58.33% (14/24)
18K 750- Refers to 18 Karat Gold having minimum fineness of 75% (18/24)

This refers to Hallmark Unique Identification Code. It is a 6-digit alphanumeric code, that codifies the hallmarking information of the jewellery piece. Any client can search the same HUID on BIS Care App, provided by Government of India to check the authenticity of the piece.

Sonir provides the following 3rd party diamond certifications according to client demands

GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is the premier lab globally for certifications of loose solitaires. Sonir uses premium GIA-certified pointers and solitaires often, on the demand of our clients.

IGI (International Gemological Institute) is one of the most popular labs in studded jewellery certification.

Established in 2007, SGL Labs is a British-American diamond certification and authentication laboratory network. It has various labs across India, one of them being in Karol Bagh, New Delhi. SGL is quite popular in European and American markets for diamond certification.

Quality check

Obsession with quality
At Sonir Exports, we believe that jewellery should be cherished for a lifetime, and our commitment to quality reflects this belief. Therefore we take the utmost care in ensuring that our jewellery undergoes a rigorous quality check process to meet our high standards.

From the selection of the finest materials to the final inspection of the finished product, our quality control measures are designed to meet the highest standards. We believe that our attention to detail and commitment to quality make our brand stand out in the competitive world of jewellery exports.

Our focus areas
Polishing & filing the final product to avoid any scratches on the surface

Examining closely the diamond / stone setting in each and every product to ensure uniformity is maintained across the piece and as per design specifications. We also try to ensure the stones are set firmly to avoid risk of loss.

Assembling various parts of the piece in symmetrical fashion and as per design specifications

Diamond quality
Ensuring diamonds are according to the promised certification and in dimensions as promised in custom-made orders

Conducting a thorough inspection to verify the quality and consistency of the rhodium polish, ensuring that it is of the highest standard possible for the given design.

Examining closely the prongs to ensure there are no pointy edges or loose prongs.