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Jewellery tailored to your unique vision

At Sonir Exports, we understand that every business has unique needs when it comes to jewellery. Whether it's creating a signature piece for a hotel chain, designing a commemorative piece for a corporate event, or creating a line of jewellery for a luxury brand, we have the expertise and experience to deliver outstanding results. The trends, the focus and the cultural differences of each region makes it imminent that we invest our time to understand our client’s needs. That's why we offer bespoke services that are tailored to the specific requirements of our clients.

Expertly crafted, exclusively for you

The bespoke jewellery-making process is a very intimate and a very intense journey of creating jewellery out of a brief of few words or simply from our client’s imagination.

As we are passionate about the process, we make sure the client also enjoys and joins us creatively in the process.

The bespoke process entails the following pivotal steps:

Client Brief and Consultation

We first understand what the client wants and our seasoned design team also gives active inputs to help the client wherever they require. Some important points included are budget, weights, dimensions, themes, colours, client profile et al.

First Form/Motif Approval

Once we get the brief, our team starts working on creating forms/motifs accordingly and these rough sketches are shared with the client for 1st level approval

Rough to Render

Once the client approves of one or two roughs, the team renders the selected designs with proper dimensions and colours to give the client a better perspective.

2D to 3D

Once the client approves of the final render, we start work on the CAD. We have professional in-house CAD designers who will bring the 2D sketch to life in a CAD format and give proper clarity on how the piece is going to look like.

Casting and Final approvals

Now once the CAD is approved by the client, there remains the final stage of approval from the client before the final polish and rhodium, for their rhodium preferences and any other possible changes they need.

We are as diverse as you

We are happy to provide you samples which you can customise as per your needs and desires.  We customize on several variables such as metal color, Diamond quality, proviosion of Rhodium polish, Finishing of the product (Matte/High Polish/Any other), Size/Dimensions

If you're looking for custom jewellery that reflects your brand and meets your business needs, look no further than Sonir.